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Clarification of Miss Rule for Interclub
The foul and miss will only be called if you can see part of a ball, you hit an intervening ball, you fail to reach the object ball( in other words you didn't hit it hard enough)' or you elect to play for 1 particular red when there is a cluster(a cluster is 3 or more reds). An honest attempt must be made to hit the ball or balls on. 

President Bill Earle has sent me an email with regards to the "Foul and Miss rule" He states that it is to be played at ALL levels of interclub and ONLY two times can be applied per snooker.
To clarify the rule for those not familiar with it : if you can see part of the ball and on attempting to get to it you hit an intervening ball or you fail to get to the object ball then it is an automatic "fail and miss" . You will only be required, if necessary, to reposition ball and try again ONCE only maximum!! it is up to your opponent to call the fail and miss if you don't have an umpire. 
If you are in a "full ball" snooker, then the difficulty of the shot and the ability of the player need to be taken into consideration and again it is your opponents decision whether to call it a foul and miss or just foul if you do not have an umpire !!
This is something Div 3 players have not had a lot of experience with but if they intend to play ranking events or go up in the grades then it is something that you need to experience and be familiar with if umpiring !! 

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