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       COVID-19 UPDATE


There has been much speculation over the past few weeks as to the future of our 2021 interclub season. At our recent Canterbury 8-Ball meeting, after feedback from the delegates on the preferences of their players, it has been decided that we will not complete the remainder of the 2021 season.

As in 2020 when the season was not completed, this means the following for the 2021 season:
- There will be no division winners
- No relegation
- No Finals Day or Champion of Champions

Apart from one Canterbury 8-Ball Tournament ( the Canterbury Juniors – which will now be held on the 7th of November @ Cashmere, more details to come) we managed to complete all of our provisional tournaments and so are going to have a Prizegiving (in Lieu of Finals Day) on the 20th of November. This will be a chance to celebrate with our Winners, and to close off on the Season. It’ll be Prizegiving, finger food and we will have pool tables available afterwards. Because of the catering we need an indication of numbers attending and so have provided a form to your delegate, to be displayed on your Pool noticeboard, for you to add your name to. We hope to see you there!!

Your Delegates are also collecting Canterbury 8-Ball trophies from the 2019 season. If you currently hold one of these, can you ensure it gets back to your delegate as soon as possible.

Hopefully we will soon get back to a level whereby we can resume pool within all of our clubs which will lead, I’m sure to some great Summer tournaments and leagues.

Thank you all for your support for us as a committee, we look forward to the 2022 season with you.

Keri Low
Canterbury 8 Ball


Canterbury 8Ball is the home of Chartered Club 8Ball Pool in Canterbury.The committee oversees the local Interclub competition,as well as running local tournaments.
If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us
If you are interested in playing Pool in the Canterbury area you should join your local Chartered Club, each of which has a pool section to assist 

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