Canterbury 8 Ball                                                                   

       COVID-19 UPDATE

Good Morning Everyone, Crazy times we are all living in huh? As you will be aware from our last lockdown, we are unable to run Interclub until we are back in Level 1, as clubs will not host while patrons are required to be seated. Because of this we are postponing Interclub until the announcement that we are returning to level 1. We have decided not to cancel the remainder of the season at this stage but rather to wait and see how the progression down in levels unfolds.
I completely appreciate that this is frustrating for all, so close to the end of the season. Hoping you are all staying safe and enjoying the lovely weather.
Best Regards
Canterbury 8-Ball


Canterbury 8Ball is the home of Chartered Club 8Ball Pool in Canterbury.The committee oversees the local Interclub competition,as well as running local tournaments.
If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us
If you are interested in playing Pool in the Canterbury area you should join your local Chartered Club, each of which has a pool section to assist 

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